Link Building And Business Development

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Ever since Google came into existence in 1998, link building has become an important part of success for any company especially while digital marketing as well as an important part of search. According to a survey by SEOmoz, links still drive about 67 percent of rankings even today.

When Google began its problem solving, spammers began to take part in link building. The buying and selling and swapping of links were on a high. The problem with this swapping and buying and selling was that it disturbed the Google algorithm. The algorithm would function on the basis that links were academic citations. A site with more citations was obviously thought to be better than a website that had many links that were bought or swapped.

Many experts have come to the conclusion that buying and selling links has become harder today than before. Link building now has become like the old fashioned PR and business development.

You can build links similar to PR ways by using social sites to send in articles. These social sites include Reddit and Propeller. This can also help in digital marketing. Building a fan following on social networks like facebook and twitter are also helpful in doing things the PR way, especially when it comes to digital marketing. Starting and submitting news feeds to Google news is also a good way of link building and digital marketing. Using the media as a source is also helpful, especially in digital marketing. Using such methods for link building leaves you with the uncertainty of not knowing where you will get the links from. However, the media has always been helpful in link building as well as digital marketing.

You can also build links by contacting publishers directly and ask for links. You could organize tools for third parties in return for links as well. This can indirectly help you with digital marketing as well. You can also use social networks to contact link publishers. This is because, contacting via email can leave your message in junk, especially if their account is spam filtered. These social networks like twitter and facebook are a good way of getting in touch with link publishers. Using these methods of link building will give you the certainty of knowing where your links will be placed. Furthermore, they build business relationships, which can be very beneficial for digital marketing for any company.

Digital marketing will somewhat become like old school marketing soon. A business can benefit if it keeps up with the changes. You can also seek the assistance of a digital marketing agency or consultancy if it wants to learn more and keep itself up to date. One such agency is Qudos digital.
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Link Building And Business Development

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This article was published on 2010/10/20