Career In Digital Marketing –The Next Big Leap

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As per a recent survey on the world internet usage status, there are nearly 20 billion internet users around the world with a global population penetration rate of about 28.7%. These figures speak volume of the high importance that digital marketing has gained over the last few years. Pursuing an academic specialization in digital marketing has become one of the most sought after career-choice among graduates who are in the look-out for lucrative and interesting future professional prospects.  

In technical sense, digital marketing is the promotion of brands using the various digital channels known such as—television, radio, internet, mobile and other applicable forms of digital media. In other words, it is the promotion of products and services through these digital channels to reach consumers in an efficient, budget-friendly and time-bound. The increasing popularity of ecommerce in each and every nook and corner of the world has led to the necessity for industry experts and business professionals to emphasis on the importance of establishing internet marketing as an ‘area of academic specialization.' Digital marketing covers a vast area of study due to its relevance with media and the development of high-end latest technologies for elements such as— mobile phones, sms/mms, display/banner ads and digital outdoor. Unlike the yesteryears, the advent of World Wide Web has helped interested students around the world to procure information on reputed international institutions that offer post graduate Degree Digital Marketing.

The main objective behind the introduction of innovative professional subjects like digital marketing, internet marketing and digital media is to inculcate a comprehensive understanding of traditional marketing methodologies and its role in modern digital media. So, you may be wondering how a London Master of Digital Marketing Degree could help you in the hunt for a lucrative and rewarding career. The answer lays in the fact that obtaining professional certification in online marketing; digital media or digital marketing empowers business graduates with the ability to plan, assess and measure digital marketing. It also enables students to learn to improve customer engagement through digital channels. In addition, it teaches students about the importance of website and the role of social media in marketing. Most of the leading international B-schools generally offer a year's management course in improvising skills in the areas of—accounting, strategy, general management, internet marketing, web analytics and search engine optimization.

Interested in pursuing in London Masters Online Marketing? London is home to some of best business schools offering Masters Program in digital marketing.  HULT, a leading business school located in the heart of central London, offers Master Degree programs in digital marketing. A career in digital marketing is of high relevance today and will likely pay you with great job opportunities.

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Career In Digital Marketing –The Next Big Leap

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This article was published on 2010/09/21