Are You A Victim Of Google Slap?

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In this era of digital marketing, Google has provided many opportunities for a company to advertise its brands. Companies have been consulting marketing agencies to focus more and more on digital marketing. However, not all the times these opportunities pay back. Google slap is a common buzz word many of us have heard. Rather, those benefiting from wonders of digital marketing must have also experienced it. Therefore while consulting your advertisers, make sure that you address this issue well.

In digital marketing, Google slap means either of the following two situations;

-  Your advertising agency has made an ad for your brand; however poor quality landing pages have been associated resulting in lowering of the position of your ad and you have to pay more.

-  Your ad has been associated with poor quality landing pages that your Adwords account becomes disabled.
No company would ever want to get Google slapped especially when spending a lot in digital marketing. There are ways your company can avoid being Google slapped.

In digital marketing, keywords play important role thus make sure that you include the right keywords in your ads. Your marketing agency should make sure to add keywords in the ad's text; this makes your ad relevant to customers and they click on it. Thus in competitive digital marketing, making your as relevant through adding relevant keywords is the secret.

In order to be successful in digital marketing make sure your ads are and seem ‘relevant' to customers' needs. The landing pages should be optimized; your keywords should be in the heading, body and Meta tags. While consulting a marketer you should ask to simplify your ad design and make landing pages proactive. This will not only direct customers to your ad but also Google will consider your ad profitable.

Digital marketing is all about speed; reaching your customers at the right time. Therefore make sure that your landing pages are loaded in less time. Make sure that you speak the truth to customers in digital marketing efforts. This means that if your landing pages state that a particular download is free then make sure it is free. Otherwise Google will close your Adwords account. Make sure that your advertising agency makes relevant ads. Making claims that your product will increase one's height to 4 inches in just 2 weeks isn't realistic. Especially in this era of digital marketing you cannot fool your customers easily.

Make sure that your landing page is part of a comprehensive website and updated information is available. Digital marketing also demands that not too many pages are linked on the landing pages.  Links are also important in successful digital marketing campaigns, so make sure that links on your landing pages are of use for your customers.

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Are You A Victim Of Google Slap?

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This article was published on 2011/01/12